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  1. Volkswagen Beetle Catalytic Converter Walker 15050

    For Sale - Parts
    Brand:Walker Category:Catalytic Converter Condition:New Price :$69.46 Volkswagen catalytic converters are elements used to reduce the emission of environment polluting gases emitting from the improper combustion by the engine. It does this function using a ceramic catalyst housed inside a...
  2. P0420 & After-market CATs

    Hello, I have a 2002 VW Jetta Wagon 1.8T (111,000 miles). Recently, I 've been getting the P0420 code and nothing else. If I clear it, it comes back in a couple of days (~100 miles). Previously I had several bad (recalled) ignition coils. My mechanic figures that unburnt fuel got...
  3. i need some technical knowledge guys

    my car is a 2000 mk4 2.0 jetta 130k mileage i get po422 cat efficiency code these days n i only have few more days left for emissions test. catalytic converter rattles and needs to be replaced i think (after i got the code my opinion was like this n im open to any other idea) the owner before...
  4. What is this noise???

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    So, I just got the flex pipes replaced and now I have this whistling noise. Before I had the flex pipes done I had terrible gas milage (15-20mpg) and the car sounded like a truck with little power. Now, I have the power back but the same gas mileage. Here is a youtube link of my car running. I...
  5. 01 VR6 - P0420 - cat or 02?

    I've been searching and reading the posts. Some people seem to think that replacing the cat is the fix, while others say that replacing the 02 sensors is the fix. Is there a way to tell for sure without just replacing parts to see what works. Don't wanna spend a lot of money if I don't have...
  6. '03 Jetta - Purchased with some issues

    Just picked up a (new to me) Jetta as a commuter car for my wife. In checking it over, I have found a few things needing attention. I'll list them with my limited understanding. Any expounding by other members would be greatly appreciated. First, the brake pad wear indicator light was on when...
  7. Question on Cat replacement on GTI

    Hi, I am going to put a new catylitic converter on my 2003 GTI with the 1.8 turbo. Once I put the new one on, and replace the O2 sensors, will the light on the dash go out automatically, or does it need to be reset. If it needs to be reset, does it have to be done at the dealer??
  8. Replacing a catalytic converter

    New Beetle
    I, have to replace the catalytic converter on a 2001 New Beetle with a 2.0 liter gas engine. When I tried to loosen the first flange bolt (there are 4) it snapped off. before I go any farther I would like to know it these are studs on the exhaust manifold flange, or through bolts.
  9. Curse the Mil! No Power, bad sound.

    Hi everybody, Just came back from a 3h ride from NY. Got a flashing MIL when I stepped on the pedal of my 2001 Golf 2L. Got worse and worse; each time it went uphill the MIL had its seizure, the force of the engine was reduced and mild vibrations could be felt on the steering wheel. Now I'm...