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  1. '03 Jetta - Purchased with some issues

    Just picked up a (new to me) Jetta as a commuter car for my wife. In checking it over, I have found a few things needing attention. I'll list them with my limited understanding. Any expounding by other members would be greatly appreciated. First, the brake pad wear indicator light was on when...
  2. Check engine codes and electrical bugs

    I got a 1999 Passat v6 GLS and it giving me some problems. I am getting several engine codes first of all, and second, when the car is warmed up to normal temp, the check oil light will flash ocasioanlly and the buzzer will sound and then go away. Also, when its warmed up, If i press on the...
  3. MK4 Golf - 2.0 Auto - chronic cylinder misfire

    HELP! My MK4 Golf is suffering from chronic random cylinder misfire. Whenever there is a stronger rain storm and I start it, it runs really rough with CEL on. Then, a little later, the roughness is gone but the CEL is still on until reset. The last time I had it reset, it came back on a couple...
  4. 2006 vw bora/jetta 2.0t - cel & epc lights

    Hi, Recently I noticed that both the check engine light (CEL) and the EPC light are iluminated. Also I have noticed that engine power is noticeable down, current engine power is at best 75% of normal engine power. As per the car's manual the CEL refers to some fault in the exhaust system...