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check engine

  1. Acceleration Problems

    I'm having problems accelerating in my Jetta. The check engine light is on, and when I step on the throttle after coming to a complete stop, it keeps jerking forward and does not get up to speed quickly. The more gas I give it, the worse it gets. But, once it does get up to speed, it drives...
  2. Check engine codes and electrical bugs

    I got a 1999 Passat v6 GLS and it giving me some problems. I am getting several engine codes first of all, and second, when the car is warmed up to normal temp, the check oil light will flash ocasioanlly and the buzzer will sound and then go away. Also, when its warmed up, If i press on the...
  3. ODO and Speedo not working on 96 Jetta GL AT

    Hi everyone. I just purchased a 96 Jetta GL and the speedo and odo are not working. I also have a check engine light on but do not have an ODB1 scanner only ODB2. I Found a broken 3 wire sensor on the Automatic trans. It is located at the rear left side of the trans near what looks to be a...