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clutch problems

  1. Worn/Broken Clutch?

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    okay, i recently got a 1970 beetle and im having clutch issues. my clutch pedal will go all the way to the floor AND it sticks. i cant tell if its burnt out or if it just needs a linkage adjustment. how can i tell the difference between a broken/ burnt out clutch or a simple linkage adjustment...
  2. mk3 vr6 transmission problem? HELP!

    I recently bought a vr6 for a great price and i was told it needed a new clutch so i replaced it with a Luk clutch and found out it wasnt the problem. When it is engaged it makes a rattling/grinding noise and then it stops if you let off the clutch. Has anyone had this problem before? BTW it has...
  3. Clutch problems

    So i was driving my car the other day and noticed that the clutch pedal was sticking about half way up but it was working fine. I went out this evening and tried to start it and noticed the clutch wasnt disengaging completely( was in gear when turning it over). It starts fine but grinds and...