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  1. Newbe in FL needs help w/CODES

    I am a new Jetta Owner.... Wouldn't you know after 10 days, car throws a bunch of codes. Car is a 2001 Jetta 1.8T 130 K miles, 5-Speed. When I went to scan codes, no power to ODB-II Port..... Searches resulted in "aftermarket radio" Removed the radio and am able to read codes now. I have zero VW...
  2. 95 jetta code reading

    okay ive looked all over and found some things out about my car but i cant seem to find how to read the check engine light. ive tried reading it with 2 obdII readers and says *link error* so i was reading some info on 95 jettas and they say obdII started on 96's. and to check if my car is really...