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cold air

  1. Heater blows cold when I stop

    I have a problem with my 01 Jetta. The heater works fine until I stop. Nice warm air blows from all positions until I stop. Then it blows cold air only. Once I take off again, the warm air comes back. Any ideas? Coolant level is good....I think.
  2. AEM cold air intake JETTA/GOLF 99-05 2.0L

    For Sale - Parts
    FOR SALE! PART 321-492P NEW! AEM cold air intake for Jetta or Golf 99-05 2.0L FI engines. Never taken out of the plastic or box. Retails for over $225. Polished Finish. SELLING FOR $185 plus FREE SHIPPING. Parts company sent me the wrong model (I have a VR6) and wouldn't return. US Shipping...