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  1. 2015 Auto Amarok 2l BiTdi stalling

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    Good day all I own a 2015 2l BiTdi Amarok (Auto). 90000km Recently I have noticed that when starting the car and shifting to reverse the car has no power. Even when stepping hard on the gas pedal the car just crawls backwards slowly. When turning the steering wheel when reversing the car also...
  2. Spyder CAI?

    any feedback? thinking about getting one for an 02 2.0.... also anyone have any experience on installing these? I know the filter is going to end up underneath the battery compartment...
  3. Polo 2010 Squeak When Cold

    Got a 2010 Polo and there is a squeak from the gearbox when it's cold (below 7degrees, or when not driven for a day or two). This happens mostly when you come back up off the clutch when moving off, shifting up or down, or when in lower gears and going over speed bumps etc. The noise goes away...
  4. anybody else having starter problems?

    this is my second jetta and like my other 99.5 the starter is freaking out. Its been getting cold lately so in the morning round 6 30 ill start her up so she can warm up. and it makes a god awful sound right when its done turning over. its not every day but this jetta has done it 3 times so far...