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  1. Manual to electric seat conversion

    I have a 2002 gti 337 with heated leather seats (manual controls). The previous owner smoked a lot, and I'd like to swap them out. A friend of mine is offloading a set of 2002 Jetta electric/heated leather seats. 1) Will they fit in a 2 door gti? 2) If the heating harness is there, is the...
  2. 1970 Beetle Alternator Conversion

    Hello all, I recently discovered a bad bearing in my generator which threw off the axis of rotation and started to bring the generator pulley into the generator casing. literally drilling through my generator. very scary, i know. My question is how difficult is it to convert to an alternator...
  3. HELP ME DECIDE Vr6 or 2.0 in my 92 GTI build??

    So I have this 92 GTI sitting in the barn with a big hole were the engine should be. I have not done anything to it since I removed the engine several years ago. I have recently gained some serious vw motivation. I also have the front half of a 95 GTI 5 speed with 37k miles on it...
  4. 1981 4-door diesel Rabbit with veg conversion

    For Sale - Vehicles
    I bought this car in December of last year and got a friend to put in a vegetable oil conversion. I have replaced a lot of parts and fixed it up real nice. It's been a great car but now I have a vw pickup, so I gotta sell the Rabbit. check it: 1.6L Diesel 4 speed manual transmission RUST FREE...
  5. Front Conversion

    I was going to convert my 1998 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition front end to a golf front end. I was wondering what will be needed to put a new bumper, grille and lights. I wasn't sure if I need conversion kits or if they body of the golf will bolt on where the body of the jetta does.