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coolant leak

  1. 2012 Tiguan coolant leak

    I am experiencing a drastic coolant leak. It is coming from some box in the side of my Tiguan engine block. The picture is behind and slightly above the coolant after run pump. I do not know what the black box is but it is about 6 inches long and attached flush with the engine with only one...
  2. Jetta IV 2.0L Found Coolant Leak, Need Part Number (Small tube, T/Y connector)

    Hey fellow enthusiasts, I am a hobbyist who loves to fix up my own car. Recently my Jetta gave me the red warning for coolant. Turns out I had a pretty bad coolant leak. The car wouldn't drive more than 10 miles before leaking out all the coolant I added in. I was investigating the leak and...
  3. Hoping someone can help with this leak or leaks puzzle...is it all related?

    Bear with me please I'm new to this. My son's 2002 Jetta wagon 2.0L. The car has had some sort of small coolant leak for a while needing antifreeze added every so often and I'm guessing it has been getting worse he just didn't realize it but I don't know that for sure. My son left for Alaska a...
  4. Low Coolant

    I have a 2000 jetta 2.0l. Recently in the last month my coolant light keeps beeping in my car about 2 minutes after a first start driving and then it goes out a minute later. It only does it on cold starts after it's been sitting overnight. I fill the car up with coolant and the problem goes...
  5. 2003 GTI 1.8T Coolant leak - Help Please!

    Hello everyone! Sh!tty way to introduce myself but, my coolant system is leaking pretty bad. I've posted pictures and videos. Within 2 days of filling the coolant reservoir it is bone dry. I have located the hose where coolant is leaking (or looks to be leaking). I couldn't tell if there...
  6. 2003 GTI VR6 Engine Problems! Please Help!

    My GTI VR6 check engine coolant light went off last night. So I stopped the car at a gas station nearby to add coolant to the engine because the car was overheating and smoking. After adding the coolant, I tried to start my car but the battery died. Also the coolant was leaking out the bottom...
  7. Repairing a coolant fitting to avoid buying a 150.00 dollar hose!!!

    After a couple years VW quit making the cooling system on an mk3 with T fittings and went to large expensive integrated radiator hoses. This is great if your car came with them already, but for those of us with the old style it can be really expensive to replace a broken fitting or worn hose...
  8. Vr6 Heater Core Blow Up

    My Heater Core blew up and spewed steam and Glycol all over me last week. I was quite dizzy and high for sometime. The car water temp raised to 230 or so and stabilized enough for me to get home. The oil temp climbed to 240 and stabilzed. Today, I circumvented the Heater Core at the firewall...
  9. Coolant Leak on my VR6

    This past weekend I noticed I was leaking coolant pretty good. I found where it was leaking from, which was/is leaking around what looks to be a sensor that plugs into my engine (97 VR6). I think its the engine temp sensor because its leaking coolant. The engine never overheated or ran hot. It...