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coolant light comes on

  1. Help with mystery coolant leak in Golf!

    I'm kind of a newb with fixing my own car problems, but I'm always willing to try. This is what happened to me so far: About a month after my most recent drive from Calgary to Vancouver and back (about 2,000km), I noticed that my coolant level began to fall. I thought it was just because of the...
  2. Low Coolant

    I have a 2000 jetta 2.0l. Recently in the last month my coolant light keeps beeping in my car about 2 minutes after a first start driving and then it goes out a minute later. It only does it on cold starts after it's been sitting overnight. I fill the car up with coolant and the problem goes...
  3. Expert opinion needed re coolant flush

    Please bear with me as I tell my little story, because I'd really appreciate your insight into this matter: two mechanics are telling me contradictory stories and I don't who to believe. About three weeks ago, I brought my 2001 V4 Passat sedan to a local mechanic for an oil change. I ended up...
  4. 2000 1.8T Jetta - check coolant light

    I have a 2000 1.8T Jetta and all of a sudden (about 5 days ago) while I was driving it, the temperature went right up in a matter of minutes and the check coolant light started flashing. My dad and I took a look at it and replaced the thermostat. Thinking that since it wasn't leaking any...