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  1. 2004 GTI VR6 MK4 P2177 System too lean off idle bank 1

    Hi, I have a 2004 GTI VR6 and I haven't driven the car for about a year now. I recently have been trying to diagnose the car and the last time I drove it before it broke down there was a severe coolant leak; however, I couldn't see it because my hood latch was broken. The cause of the leak ended...
  2. Coolant Issues

    Hey all. New here to the forum so please excuse if this has been posted already. I'm not a noob nor am I mechanically illiterate. I've done a couple of previous builds mainly with Honda but new to the VW world. Gonna start off with a parts list and what's been done to it for mods Forge DV...
  3. Golf TSI coolant reservoir running low and I don't know why. Normal?

    Hi, I'm a first time user on this forum. I have a 2014 VW Golf TSI with just 8K miles. I bought it used but had my oil changed about 4K ago at the VW dealership where they topped off my fluids. Yesterday I received a notification that my coolant is low. Sure enough, my reservoir is nearly...
  4. Terminology Help Please

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post on the first forum ive ever joined so direct me if im in error. My 98 jetta 2.0 GL Mk3 sat for about 5 months and i came back and immediately had to replace the ignition coil which was completely successful but now she has a small leak in the...
  5. Flush the System

    ALRIGHT got her running after weeks of puttin her back together but the book doesnt show how to flush the 1.8t AWD engines. And we need to flush the green coolant (yes i know i fucked up on that) , so we need to flush that out completely before we get her on the road. we took out most of the...
  6. looking for hoses

    yo folks im in need of new hoses for coolant n stuff for my mk3 golf gl. know any web sites that are cheapish and quality? or have any yourself? living in everett and dont know anyone who has parts. the pick n pulls dont have anything either. thanks
  7. Low Coolant

    I have a 2000 jetta 2.0l. Recently in the last month my coolant light keeps beeping in my car about 2 minutes after a first start driving and then it goes out a minute later. It only does it on cold starts after it's been sitting overnight. I fill the car up with coolant and the problem goes...
  8. Another coolant leak - what is this part?

    Hi everybody... I have a leak that seems to be coming from this part (see pic) or possibly just above this part. Can you help me identify what this is??? The part indicated by the BIG RED ARROW (ignore the other arrows, I borrowed the image from a different post). Also, when the car first...
  9. Coolant disappearing, Heat on and off, Overheating

    Hey so my '99 Jetta Wolf has had a blinking coolant light for about a month now, and I just checked the coolant level before going out and I was putting in about a gallon every 2 weeks. Just this week the temp gauge shot up for 230 and sat there, scared the hell out of me. Now the thing goes...
  10. Where is my coolant going?

    Hi all, I have a 2000 model. 1.4 TDI polo with aprox 120 000 miles on the clock and I have been loosing coolant for almost 6 months. Have checked all the hoses, hose connectors, changed the expansion tank and cap, checked the rad, changed the water pump about 20 000 miles ago, no milky oil, no...
  11. POLO 2003 E55 1.2 Petrol ECT sensor location

    Laptop reading shows that POLO has a faulty ect sensor. I want to know where it is located and how to replace it. I used VAG.COM software to get the reading. If anybody can give me any idea how I can replace it and where it is located will be very helpful. Regards, David
  12. Help with cooling fans

    I really need some help. I have an 02 Jetta 1.8T. I hope someone on here can help me out. When I have the ac on my fans come on then go off about 30 seconds later. My car keeps running hot and I have no idea what is going. I have replaced the cooling fan control module. Right after I replaced it...
  13. Repairing a coolant fitting to avoid buying a 150.00 dollar hose!!!

    After a couple years VW quit making the cooling system on an mk3 with T fittings and went to large expensive integrated radiator hoses. This is great if your car came with them already, but for those of us with the old style it can be really expensive to replace a broken fitting or worn hose...
  14. Polo 1.2 02 plate warning light

    Hi, My engine management light has come on in my polo. i topped the coolant water up the other day and it went slightly above the maximum mark, could it be this, or am i just hoping here? Thanks Dave
  15. Problem with 2003 Jetta 2.0

    Hello! I recently changed the oxygen sensor, thermostat, coolant sensor, ignition coil, and coil wires in order to get my 2003 Jetta 2.0 through emissions. Yesterday, my husband drove about 5 minutes down the road and the temperature gauge shot up to 260, and the indicator light that the car...
  16. rusted piece underneath car broke caused exhaust system damage

    I have a 2004 GOLF GL 4-Door IV (2004 US Version). On Saturday my car started producing this really loud tractor noise which got worse when I accelerated. I figured the exhaust system broke or something. I took the car to the dealer and was told a piece underneath the car that holds some part...
  17. Where is the Coolant Sensor on a 1993 VW Fox

    Where is the Coolant sensor on a 1993 VW Fox. Please send pictures is available. Thanks.