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  1. 1984 Volkswagen Scirocco

    Well I found this cool 1984 Volkswagen Scirocco for sale on Craigslist near my area. I can been pretty much been rebuilt internally and has had lots of time and money put into it. I'm looking for a fun cheap project and this one really got my attention, but I don't know a whole ton about these...
  2. Corrado is the kid with all the best toys

    By Nick Dasko I remember the first time I ever saw a Volkswagen Corrado. It was parked near UofT in Toronto and I was walking with my dad and brother. This would have been around 2000. I just had to stare at this amazing red wedge parked on the street. I couldn't believe how amazing this car...
  3. VW G-60 motor

    For Sale - Parts
    HI I have a good running VW turbo G-60 Motor for sale. It is out of a VW Corrado. It's a good solid runner, and it comes with a good tranny and wiring harness. It's ready to go! Located in Wisconsin. I prefer calls and txt's over emails. $2000.00, Jerry @ 608-317-3623
  4. 95 Corrado SLC For Sale (Seattle)

    For Sale - Vehicles
    1995 Canadian Spec VR6 VW Corrado SLC Second owner Imported to the US and currently in Seattle, WA Good condition, unmolested. Original Moonlight Blue paint - recent hood respray Five speed manual Dual air bags Black leather interior in excellent condition Cold weather package (heated...
  5. Advice on buying a Corrado

    Hey guys! Long story short, I am looking into buying a 1990 Corrado G60 with 100,000 miles. Is there anything I need to look at particularly and whats a good price. Its in good condition and has some turbo gauges so I am guessing some engine mods may have been done. A dealer is selling it and...
  6. This made me sad.

    I was ripping apart a mk3 today at the junkyard and stumbled onto to this. I shed a tear, and promptly tipped my 40 oz. Made me sad, that was somebody dreams lying in ruin.