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  1. Something is rolling around under the dash

    For weeks I have heard an object shifting/rolling around in my dash whenever I make turns or when the weight of my car shifts. I believe its a screw of some sort but it can't be located. I have tried sticking an magnetic finder (long metal coil with a magnet at the end) into the air vents (the...
  2. Dash indicator stuck in Drive

    My 98 Golf GL's dash says it's in drive at all times. Yet, I can start it, when the gear selector lever is in park or neutral. I don't understand this. i think it is also causing the relay to my starter to stick as well after I turn the car off, causing the starter to turn over and over even...
  3. gti interior?

    ok so on my 2001 gti the dash around the stereo and temp control unit and on the door handle is made out of this plastic with this weir d soft coating over it, that scratches really easy. its really annoying and completellly kills the interior. anyone get a dash trim kit or anything to fix or...