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  1. 2010 2.5L Golf Timing Belt

    I bought a used 2010 Golf 2.5L recently and it's at 165K KM/102K miles. I keep finding conflicting info online, so can anyone clarify whether it has a timing belt or chain? If it does have a belt, what is it's interval and how easy of a job is it to fix myself since I hear it is pretty pricy to...
  2. MKV GTI Ballast pricing

    So the Ballast is out (or so me thinks) on my GF's MKV GTI Fahrenheit(2007). I searched online and almost had a stroke. $600 for the OEM part from VW and all exact fit parts are $200+. Searched on amazon and it has a cheaper part but the number don't match up. I can post those number I got if...
  3. Alarm Troubles... I'm sick of it

    So my alarm system on my 2001 Golf GTI, 4-door, is going haywire. I lock the car and the horn beeps acknowledging that is it secure. Then, it will randomly start going off because the sensor thinks someone opened the door. It's really annoying. Now I have been doing my research. I noticed that...
  4. Complete Mk4 maintenance manuals

    I found a great link with the complete Bentley manual for Mk4 here: Index of /vw/bentley/mk4/ Awesome!
  5. 2002 GTi 1.8T Top end rebuild help

    Hey guys, I am wanting to rebuild the upper end with performance parts to prepare for a much larger Turbo, but I am at a loss as to what I should get or what I need. I want to do a complete rebuild and have been looking for kits with everything you need but I can't seem to find anything other...
  6. Ignition Coil

    Greetings all - I had a diagnostic code that said I have misfires in cylinder 3 of my gas '01 Jetta (2.0L GLS, AZG engine). The shop said that the ignition coil is cracked (the car still runs, but I am getting subpar gas mileage). I did not like the price that was quoted to replace the coil...
  7. Apr s3 ko4

    So I have the K04 sitting in my garage waiting to be installed and I know I have to take it in to get my ECU flashed, but does anyone have any recommendations/ suggestions/ opinions on whether I should pay 1K to have someone intall it? or does someone have a step-by-step list on how to DIY with...
  8. MKIV axles & spindles DIY

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of the use of this DIY. Please read all steps carefully, and if you feel that the following is beyond your mechanical ability please consult a qualified VW mechanic / technician to handle your repairs...
  9. Rain gutter roof mounts (Non-Thule or Yakima)

    Okay, this needs some creative minds. I've got a '97 GLS. I'm fabricating a roof rack similar to the image below. I'm using 1/2 electrical conduit and wood slats. I've got the issues with welding galvanized steel pretty much covered, but the real issue is getting the thing attached to the roof...
  10. Sloppy shifter on automatic, please help!

    The shifter on my automatic is very sloppy, it has about half an inch of give up and down. It is so annoying. I have tried searching and all I find is stuff like... How to make your automatic look like a manual, how to take off shifter, I cannot figure out what to do to fix this problem. Do I...
  11. DIY: MK4 Jetta/Golf fuel filter replacement

    YouTube - DIY: MK4 Jetta/Golf fuel filter replacment i thought the black and white effect was cool it was like a sketch haha :D
  12. '97 Jetta airbag light won't go off after replacing ignition lock cylinder

    Hey folks, I am very new here but I thought that this would be the best spot to get an answer to my problem. My ignition lock cylinder went out on my 1997 Jetta and I took it on myself to make the repair myself after seeing a fantastic picture tutorial on disassembling the steering column here...
  13. Jetta to Audi TT front rotors DIY

    Hello everyone! I did my front rotors today so I figured I would do a DIY. Instead of stock rotors I got the Audi TT rotors and carries from ECStuning. I already did pads earlier so that's why you won't see a pad portion in this. Tools for the job: Brake Cleaner 7 mm Hex Socket 21mm socket...