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  1. 98 Passet Door Panel

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    The adhesive holding the fabric on each of my door panels has started to give out and it looks really unpleasant. As you can see I took the door panel off the passenger door to see if I could change the fabric and apply a new adhesive to make it look nice again. I was unfortunately greeted by...
  2. 2002 Cabrio Door Panel Removal

    Can someone advise me how to remove the interior door panel on a 2002 Cabrio? I have removed the torx screws around the 2 side and bottom edges, have removed the speaker and am now at a stopping point. Looks like the center rubber section that houses the door handle, mirror controls, and front...
  3. Electric windows not working after door panel removal

    I have an '03 GTI. I removed the door panel to replace the factor speakers. I encountered no issues removing the door panel or disconnecting any of the connectors. However, after installing a new speaker and attempting to re-install the door panel the electric windows or the switch for the...