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  1. clutch,shocks,struts, and codes HELP!

    hi everyone im pretty new to this vw mod thing but im in love with ma baby and i want her to be the best she can be. this is what i have..... 2001 (mk4) VW GTI 1.8T +5 speed manual +stage 1 clutch engine head redone all new everything lol (my timing belt broke while driving an i kept trying to...
  2. HELP?! clutch?

    ok so i just replaced all my coil packs and it stopped misfiring. but when i kinda get on the gas the rpms rev up and it doesnt pull. when i shift it catches perfectly fine. is this the clutch? i also just put my downpipe on. i dont see how there would be complications with that that would make...
  3. looking for a downpipe

    i was just wondering before i go with a apr down pipe for al lthis money if their is any alternatives? i have found some others but im not sure if they will flex from tq and power im just looking for something not as expensive but not shitty as well thanks mkiv