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  1. Car starts in 2nd gear after software upgrade

    My car is a 1999.5 VR6 automatic Took my car in to the dealer for unrelated problem and ended up doing the 26E1 update for ECM software for catalystic on my car (was a recall). Got the car back and noticed that it starts in 2nd or 3rd gear but can shift down to 1st gear manually. Its slow to...
  2. Dealership said the ECM was fried

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 02 GTI. I was replacing one of the coil pack connector, and when I finished the car wouldnt start. It cranks just fine but wont turn over. I took it to VW and they said I friend my ECM. Is it possible that I might have wired the connector wrong? Or is it possible that one of the bare...
  3. Need help on replacing ECM

    So Im replacing the ECM in my 2003 GTI. I can see it, i just cant get to it. It looks like Im going to have to remove the plastic piece below the windshield. I have already taken the wipers off but i cant figure out how to get that piece off to get to it? Anybody know how thsts done?
  4. ECM program question?

    Greetings, is erasing the error codes using a scanner the same as re-programming the ECM? Haynes Repair Manual says to use a plug in memory saving device so that defaults values in the ECM memory will not be lost. I cleaned the battery posts with out using a memory saver and now CEL is on and...
  5. ECM Issues. Need Help

    I have a 95 jetta III celeb edition. It's an automatic with a 2.0. I just recently bought it and got a good deal cause it wasn't running. I figured i needed an ECM. Piece of cake right? WRONG! I took it to a shop that had the euro hookups to run a diagnostic. The Shop said that all the Wires...
  6. 05 GLI transmission swap auto to manual HELP!!!

    Hello Everyone! I'm swaping from auto to manual but I need to know if someone has done it before, I need to know how to connect the speedometer sensor and the backup switch. Is it necessary to change the ECM?? What about the TCM? Thanks!!!!