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electric problem

  1. Brake lights turn on by themselves

    Just bought a second hand 2003 1.6 Golf Highline and there seem to be a few electrical issues. The brake lights come on on their own when the car is parked, and drain the battery. Usually at night when the car is parked. I noticed it seems to happen more on nights when it rains. I’ve taken to...
  2. Need help with My 2000 Jetta

    New Member Introductions
    1.My cars alarm wont stop going off so i unplugged the alarm 2.every time i turn on my lights or use the dimmer switch for my lights it pops the trunk 3.when i bought the car the radio harness was messed with so now i don't know how to hook a radio up to it so could some get a easy to read...
  3. Golf 2.0 electric problem

    My VW Golf mk4 2.0 went to the car repair shop to get a new throttle body but was returned to me with a very odd computer problem. Here are the symptoms: - Electric windows do not work anymore. - Can't use the key control operate the center lock, to open the car I now have to insert the key in...