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electrical failure

  1. Stumped by electrical issue

    Hi all, All of a sudden all of my interior lights have failed to work either by switch or by having a door open. They all come on when I release the hatch though. I can't quite figure it out. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. 98 Cabrio GL will not start / ECM /...

    Hopefully the long post will not scare away the pros but i want to be as detailed as possible... Background--might be related to the issue i have now but maybe not.. Starting about 2 weeks ago when i went out to start my car in the morning i would have to crank the engine for 1-20 seconds...
  3. 96 MkIII Jetta electrical failure; stalled while driving, dash smoke, won't start

    Greetings. I did some searching and could not find a thread as specific as I needed for help with this issue. To start, all of these parts are new within last 2 years i've owned the Jetta: -Fuel pump, starter, alternator, battery So, while driving in rush hour going ~25mph in gear...
  4. Electrical problems Golf mk3 CL, panel, sunroof etc

    Can someone help me? my mk 3 golf 1.9 TDI, there is no aftermarket additions, and the radio is missing. It has an unusual set of equipment which has all lost power. The Central Locking, the trip computer pane, sunroof, interior lights & cigaratte lighter have all simultaneously failed. Have...