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electrical problems

  1. PLEASE HELP!! No power to car at all and clicking under dash!

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an 04 GTI VR6 and i just put in a brand new battery. Car was perfect for 2 weeks, drove 300 miles yesterday! This morning i get in the car, turn the key, everything works as usual. Go to start the car, and everything goes black. I now have no...
  2. WEst Palm mech needed...also some thoughts on problem

    First, if anyone can recommend a solid VW mech in West Palm Beach / ROyal Palm Beach Florida - that would be awesome. Second, here is the issue: mk4 J1.8t (AWP) approx 198K miles. Replaced alternator, acc. belt tensioner, and battery in the last 2 weeks. Alternator bench tested prior to...
  3. 92 golf electrical problems help!!

    So my 92 golf is having problems again. The problems started when i tried to bypass the fuel pump relay cuz it wasn't coming on but i bypassed the wrong relay, now my blower fan my wipers and my headlights dont work, unless i turn on the light switch and hold back the dimmer switch, if i do this...
  4. Major Electrical Problem??

    I have a 91 Corrado g60 1.8 supercharged; It runs good for about 20 minutes, then after it warms up the speedo and tach guages begin to jump around and it sputters when accelerated from lower rpms (sounds like its flooding itself). The gears also jump in and out (wont stay in overdrive for more...
  5. 1999 VW PASSAT 1.8T - Where is the door sensor?

    im expieriencing funny beeping noises as i turn on my car and turn on the running lights... i think this is due to faulty door sensor somewhere... where is it? or any other ideas? Help me its driving me crazy...
  6. Electrical Gremlins - Beeping...

    HELP. I bought a 1999 VW Passat 1.8T When i turn on the car and go to flick the instrument/ext running lights on there is a beeping noise, that comes and goes... sometimes a slow beep, sometimes a solid chime, high pictched and verrrry annoying. Also the turn signals work, sometimes, sometimes...
  7. 2003 vr6 electical problems!? help asap please

    Hey everyone brand new to the forums hopefully someone here will tell me whats going on with my car. I recently bought a 2003 gti vr6 with some mod cold air, magnaflow cat back, coil overs. Overall pretty satisfied with the performance of the car but the guy i bought from decided to lie about...
  8. Electrical Issues

    Love VW's really do, and grow a "healthy" hate when they have electrical problems like my 99 VW cabrio has 4 months ago and I have not being able to figure out what is causing the problem. Symptoms: 1.-When brake pedal is pressed, the brake lights do not light as supposed to(they light really...
  9. Wiring diagram

    Is there anybody that got the complete wiring diagram for a 1997 Jetta 3 CSX. I got the one they give in the haynes manual, but they don't include the wiring on the ignition circuit like the hall sender to the tp301 module to ECU. Anyone that can help would be appreciated.
  10. Jetta/Golf Electrical Problems

    HI: I'm new around here, I have two a golf MK4 2000 and a Jetta 2005 both with the same problem, "THE MAIN FUSE BOX MELTS OUT SOME FUSES". Here is the explanation: For the Golf: always melt the the first green fuse (cooling fans fuse) from left to right, I already take it to the pros and they...
  11. ECM Issues. Need Help

    I have a 95 jetta III celeb edition. It's an automatic with a 2.0. I just recently bought it and got a good deal cause it wasn't running. I figured i needed an ECM. Piece of cake right? WRONG! I took it to a shop that had the euro hookups to run a diagnostic. The Shop said that all the Wires...
  12. Electrical Problems/Headlights, Wipers

    It started a couple weeks ago when i jumped in the car after work, i turned it on, released the hand brake, and the daytime running lights (LOW BEAMS) didn't come on even when i turned on the normal lights. So i shut the car and tried again. Presto, lights are back on. I didn't think much of it...
  13. Battery always dead

    i have an 1989 jetta and for some reason something is draining the battery and every morning the battery is dead i was told it could be a relay, anyone know why? thanks :-)
  14. Installed new starter...then the car died

    I installed a new starter on my 97 jetta. once i was done with that i hooked up the battery cables made sure everything was good crank the car...Car started and was running then suddenly the car died. I ask a some one that i knew they knew a little about jetta's and they told me that it has too...
  15. might have electrical problems

    Ok so i drive a 2003 Jetta GLI VR6 and the battery keeps dieing. It only has 74300 miles on it. I jump the car off and it runs fine but then i turn it off and start it again and the battery is almost dead again. i have had the alternator tested and it is working properly. also i have noticed...
  16. Passat issues all over the board

    My Girlfriend has an 02 Passat GLX. It sat for a while and the battery went dead. The alternator went bad too. There was a security device wired in to the main electrical harness that went bad and kept shutting off the car and drained the battery while the car was off. Had a buddy put in a...