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  1. My Radio won’t work in my classic bug

    The Xtras
    So I recently bought a 1984 Mexican model vw beetle and the radio Isn’t working...he said that he disconnected it but since I’m not into electrical things I’m needing some help figuring out the wiring. I have attached a few photos of the electrical components you can see from the front trunk...
  2. Cranking start from time to time on a VW Golf mk4

    My VW Golf mk 4 has been cranking from time to time for the last 2 or 3 years, or perhaps a little bit more. It's not something that always happen and I believe that it's specially prone to do it when the weather is cold or specially humid. However, this winter —which has been specially bad with...
  3. Electrical Issues

    03 MK4 GTI 1.8T I'm just having a lot of electrical problems. Any help would be so awesome! Randomly I will get a check engine light, it reads that my Timing Belt is out of Timing, also says stuff about wiring problems. Occasionally my cruise control will not work The Traction Warning light...
  4. BRAKE light half illuminates nothing works...

    Sometimes when I would start my mk3 jetta the brake light would be half illuminated. The lights, wipers, and blower won't work. I would shut it off and turn it back on and the issue goes away. Lately, it started randomly doing it while driving. Everything but the engine stops working. I pull...
  5. Manual to electric seat conversion

    I have a 2002 gti 337 with heated leather seats (manual controls). The previous owner smoked a lot, and I'd like to swap them out. A friend of mine is offloading a set of 2002 Jetta electric/heated leather seats. 1) Will they fit in a 2 door gti? 2) If the heating harness is there, is the...
  6. Electrical (Lights, Wipers, Fan) only work when I turn key, not when engine turns ove

    Hi All, I have a 99 Cabrio Manual Trans (older model from that year) and have recently had a problem with lights, AC Fan and wiper suddenly going out on me. Then I noticed it is also the fan! They do work when the engine is NOT turned over and I just switch the key clockwise and hold it. They...
  7. electrical problems

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Sometimes I get a spark and sometimes not, on 1991 VW Jetta. Engine turns over very well, but sometimes it cranks and sometimes not. Sometimes it runs well and sometimes it stalls out. I was thinking about changing the ignition module first. Any thoughts?
  8. 1970 Beetle Alternator Conversion

    Hello all, I recently discovered a bad bearing in my generator which threw off the axis of rotation and started to bring the generator pulley into the generator casing. literally drilling through my generator. very scary, i know. My question is how difficult is it to convert to an alternator...
  9. Backup switch -- HELP!

    I have a 98 GTI VR6 i bought used and somewhat modified, the backup lights wont come on. I have the bently for the car and i have followed the wiring instructions in it, ive replaced the bulbs, checked the fuses, traced it all the way back to the backup switch. When i activate the switch...
  10. Battery Drain and Door Lock Problem Solved!

    Hi there fellow VW enthusiasts! I recently acquired a pretty nice 2000 GTI with a tuned and souped up VR6. I bought it knowing that it had a battery drain problem, but had no clue as to what was going on. I tried pulling fuses and checking relays and checking for lights that were still on, but...
  11. 98 Jetta GT 2.0 MK3 electrical? Help!

    Ok, here is the deal, after the car threw me a p0103 and p1580 on an OBDII scanner, I replaced the MAF, Throttle Body( not adapted), and the forward 02 sensor for good measure. the idle is at 1400 for a second then drops down to 900 and climbs back up to 1400 again. over and over this happens...
  12. Electrical problem, Help! :(

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a very strange problem and I was hoping someone could help me figure out what it is. I have a 2007 polo 1.9Tdi and something odd is going on with the electronics. There are a number of things happening but I think these are all symptoms of one main problem. So lets go through them … •...
  13. Battery/Electrical problem?

    Can't get my 1998 VW Golf started. The digital display of my car's mileage and the time of day reads perfectly as it always does when the car isn't running. I turn the ignition and get nothing whatsoever from the engine. However, the gauges move slightly and some display indicators flash...
  14. problems installing component speakers?

    Hey everyone. I recently purchased 2 pairs of Alpine SPS-600C speakers to install in my '04 Golf. Here's the link to the speakers: Alpine SPS-600C Type-S 6-3/4" component speaker system — fits in 6-1/2" or 6-3/4" openings at Crutchfield.com. Everything else in the audio system is the stock...
  15. Need help! Jetta won't start!

    I'm having issues with my 1997 VW Jetta GL. Lately, whenever it has rained or snowed, the vehicle won't start. The engine cranks but won't fire. I've had a tune-up done and I've had the terminals on the computer cleaned and after that it worked for about a week. It rained again last night and...
  16. Electrical Problem??

    I recently bought a 98 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. I had to replace the starter switch and the battery. I am just wondering if its just my Jetta but even when the car is off the radio can be turned on. Does this happen on everyones Jetta or is it just mine?
  17. 76' electrical problems

    i just installed a new radio in my 76' bug. its a kenwood i got for a decent price. i wired it up correctly and it was working great for about the first week. but now it either doesn't turn on, flashes at me or it turns on to standby and once i turn the radio on it dies and either doesn't turn...
  18. 98 jetta gls manual wont start/popping out of gear

    Please help! I was driving the car and went into a business for about an hour and a half, when I came out the car wouldn't start. I noticed the headlights were in the on position. When i turned them off, the gauges went haywire and then there was a clicking noise coming from the area behind the...