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  1. Engine light + speedometer help

    So a while back i was driving pretty fast. And my speedometer went to 0 and stayed there. My odometer also wont track miles and engine light appeared. I took it to my mechanic who pulled codes. He said that the computer systems in my car where not communicating or something. Any help on what...
  2. Please Help

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I copied from my Intro post, not to sure if anyone would see it there But... Hello, new to the Forum (Thanks Capt'n obvious right) What i am currently working on is a sand rail with a VW Engine, i am looking to ID what motor is in it. From what i can find VIA Google is that an engine id code...
  3. Timing Belt Kits

    So I was looking online for a timing belt kit for my 2000 Passat 1.8. I found a whole bunch of kits on ecstuning, as recommended by members of this site. But what do the AEB-ATW, AUG, AWM mean? which kit should I get? also I plan on getting the Ultimate package just so I can be safe, you guys...