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engine code
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  1. MK4
    So a while back i was driving pretty fast. And my speedometer went to 0 and stayed there. My odometer also wont track miles and engine light appeared. I took it to my mechanic who pulled codes. He said that the computer systems in my car where not communicating or something. Any help on what...
  2. General Volkswagen Discussion
    I copied from my Intro post, not to sure if anyone would see it there But... Hello, new to the Forum (Thanks Capt'n obvious right) What i am currently working on is a sand rail with a VW Engine, i am looking to ID what motor is in it. From what i can find VIA Google is that an engine id code...
  3. MK4
    So I was looking online for a timing belt kit for my 2000 Passat 1.8. I found a whole bunch of kits on ecstuning, as recommended by members of this site. But what do the AEB-ATW, AUG, AWM mean? which kit should I get? also I plan on getting the Ultimate package just so I can be safe, you guys...
1-3 of 3 Results