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  1. Differences between Vin K(5th digit) and Vin A

    Hey everyone, looking to swap a blown engine in a 2008 Jetta Wolfsburg bought recently. When I started my research I found two different Vin codes(either A or K as 5th digit) both listed as fitting my car, to my understanding Vin A was listed as turbo on the codes does this mean it’s a more...
  2. Engine swap on MK5 , 1.4 L to 2.0L gti engine

    Hi guys. I’m living over in Ireland here and at age 20 it’s quite hard to get insured on a mk5 gti so I think I’m gonna tackle the challenge of dropping a 2.0 tsi engine into my mk5 golf which at the moment has a 1.4 petrol engine. to do this I know I’ll need certain things , engine, gearbox...