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  1. EPC light on while stuck in traffic

    Hi all I drive a 2005 MK5 Golf 1.6FSI Auto, 107 000kms, and had a bit of a funny one this morning... Was sitting in traffic and the EPC light came on, only for a few minutes and then went off again. Not long after, around 10 minutes, it came on again and then again for a short time, then off...
  2. 2006 vw bora/jetta 2.0t - cel & epc lights

    Hi, Recently I noticed that both the check engine light (CEL) and the EPC light are iluminated. Also I have noticed that engine power is noticeable down, current engine power is at best 75% of normal engine power. As per the car's manual the CEL refers to some fault in the exhaust system...