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  1. 1995 White VW Eurovan Winnebago 200K miles $14,000 Firm

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Incredibly well-designed Winnebago factory camper conversion Automatic transmission $2000 custom lift kit by GoWesty: • 3-inch lift • Bilstein Sport Shock Absorbers • 16" x 7.5" Mercedes Alloy Wheels • Michelin HydroEdge 235/60-16 tires • 1/2" coil spring spacers • Wheel centering rings...
  2. 2000 Eurovan roof leak

    Vans & Transporters
    The roof leaks in my 2000 Eurovan. Water drips in near the passenger side sun visor. I know there are issues with the design of the sun roof and its drainage system (i.e., no drainage tray inside, etc.). We've sealed up the sunroof window (the part that moves to open the sunroof) and the leak...
  3. 2000 Eurovan fuel injector not firing

    Vans & Transporters
    Hi all: The #5 FI in my Eurovan is not firing. As a next step, we are going to check to see if the issue is in the wiring harness or if I have a bad injector. If it's an injector we are going to replace them all while we are in there. If it's the harness I am told that the only way to get one...
  4. Instrument Cluster

    For Sale - Parts
    Looking for 1993 Eurovan Instrument Cluster, cable type speedometer, with elec clock and auto trans display.
  5. 1999 Automatic Eurovan Stalling

    Vans & Transporters
    Van has new engine. Was hard shifting into third when accelerating. Went out one morning, started up fine, put it in reverse and it stalled. Also stalls in first. Flooring the gas in either gear results in what seems to be reluctant movement. other issues prior to this problem: Automatic door...
  6. 1999 Eurovan Transmission issue

    Vans & Transporters
    My engine light came on with a p0740 code meaning there is some possibility that at some point there may be a problem but the issue has not occurred enough to be a problem (relates to the torque converter). No one offers me a solution, not even the VW dealer, but the engine light remains on...