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exhaust header

  1. Header / exhaust leak question

    i have 2000 jetta glx vr6, 160k miles The car got towed, when i picked it up from tow yard and started it it sounded horrible and the engine light came on right away. sounds like a harley davidson. i took it to Midas (only cause its within walking distance from my work) to find out where the...
  2. FS: MKI Exhaust Header

    For Sale - Parts
    Eurocar Anti-Reversion header for MKI VW's Fits Rabbit, Scirocco, Jetta, Cabriolet & Pick-Up. Will fit 1.5 to 1.8L gas engine. Primary pipe diameter is 1.375" Collector diameter is 2" This header was purchased back in the early 80's. Usually see a 7-8 HP increase in the mid range with these...