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  1. 2002!1.8t gti exhaust

    I’m looking to put an exhaust on my gti and was wondering what is should get, I was thinking either a catback or a just a cat less down pipe, I don’t have quite enough money for a turbo back. I was looking into a magnaflow catback for abt 520 and I might go with that but not 100%, what do you...
  2. Exhaust for VW Jetta 2.0

    So my resonator is completely rotted out and my muffler is apparently gone too, according to my ex-mechanic. At this point, what I WANT to do is have someone weld on one of those magnaflow mufflers and some pipe/another magnaflow where the res is because they cost very little on amazon.ca...
  3. 1997 Jetta Exhaust dumps/straight pipe?

    Well my car is fun to drive (even though it's not fast), but I wanna give it some sound! Since it's a 1997 I still have to get emissions tests on it so I'm pretty limited here. I was thinking of running a straight pipe (bypassing the catalytic converter and keep the muffler), but it goes to the...
  4. Video: Replacing the muffler

    Hi, this is a video tutorial how to replace the muffler at your Passat. The video has a German soundtrack but English subtitles are added to YouTube. If you don't see them by default, watch the video directly at YouTube and press the subtitle button below the video. Enjoy it, Jürgen
  5. Mk3 Golf Stock and Performance Parts

    For Sale - Parts
    I've got a few performance parts for a 1995 VW Golf 2.0 ABA engine. I have a brand new Magnaflow exhaust, brand new H&R cup kit suspension system, slightly used ECS drilled and slotted discs, and slightly used racing front pads (still 99% of their life left). I also have the stock alloy wheels...
  6. couple questions about ecu stuff. and chinese exhaust pics!

    My wolfsburg is track bound this summer and i wanna play with the ecu and get myself some extra power. has anyone here tuned their own 1.8t? all i read about are people getting it done, nobody doing it themselves. i wanna have the availability to do it myself so i can set it, drive to the track...
  7. FS: mk4 jetta 42DD TBE, engine cover, Headlights, OEM parts

    For Sale - Parts
    Mutiple items from 2003 Jetta GLS 1.8T. Please send zip for shipping. 42DD Exhaust is Brand new only out of box for pics. Pay Pal preferred payment. Local pickup welcome. PM for questions. 42DD TBE dual tip, double wall w/cat $900.00 shipped 1.8T engine cover set $50.00 obo OEM turbo inlet...
  8. FS: mk4 jetta 42DD TBE, engine cover, Head

    For Sale - Parts
    Mutiple items from 2003 Jetta GLS 1.8T. Please send zip for shipping. 42DD Exhaust is Brand new only out of box for pics. Pay Pal preferred payment. Local pickup welcome. PM for questions. 42DD TBE dual tip, double wall w/cat $900.00 firm 1.8T engine cover set $50.00 OEM turbo inlet $50.00 OEM...
  9. suggestions for a 98 mk3 golf

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    so im lookin for suggestions/ideas for some things. first off, i need a new stereo. what fits in the dash with minor alterations to the dash? second, i wanna get a exhaust that is a deep purrr. nothing that sounds like a coffee can. third, reasonably priced suspension kit that works and has a...
  10. i need some technical knowledge guys

    my car is a 2000 mk4 2.0 jetta 130k mileage i get po422 cat efficiency code these days n i only have few more days left for emissions test. catalytic converter rattles and needs to be replaced i think (after i got the code my opinion was like this n im open to any other idea) the owner before...
  11. My GF said I fix up her 07 GTI plz help!

    So if you read my new member post You will know more about what is going on She has an 07 gti I know about cars and turbos but nothing about VW. I want to give it some power but dont no where to start maybe some cool stickers?? JK :) Things I would like to know: Good Sites, Free mods that dont...
  12. FS: MK3 VR6 Exhaust Manifolds / Downpipes

    For Sale - Parts
    Have One OBD1 for $40 OBO plus shipping. Have One OBD2 for $40 OBO plus shipping. Both in good shape! Perfect spares to gasket match and wrap! Location: Allenwood, NJ 08720 Questions or Inquiries, please email [email protected] or call John @ (732) 691-2335
  13. Ways to increase power, also advice on installing gauges

    I have a 1997 Jetta VR6 5spd, i wanna give it some more power but im not sure what would be the best single purchase for under $700(ECU instead of exhaust, vice versa, cold air intake)??? I also just went over 200,000 miles and want to know if there are certain mods i should avoid due to my...
  14. Quick question.. what is this part attached to my intake? (pic)

    answered my first question, deleted the question and pic, but can't seem to delete this post..... however.. Another question, what exactly is this tube going from my exhaust manifold back to my intake? It has a spring loaded flap on it that seems to switch from sucking air in from the front...
  15. MKIII Exhaust

    Hey guys Got a '99 wolfsburg edition Jetta (2.0L 5 speed), just replaced alot of parts (front struts, engine mounts, the list goes on and on), and it has a stock exhaust that sounds kinda raspy. Not looking to replace the exhaust immediately, but probably sometime in the near future. Any...
  16. rusted piece underneath car broke caused exhaust system damage

    I have a 2004 GOLF GL 4-Door IV (2004 US Version). On Saturday my car started producing this really loud tractor noise which got worse when I accelerated. I figured the exhaust system broke or something. I took the car to the dealer and was told a piece underneath the car that holds some part...
  17. looking for a downpipe

    i was just wondering before i go with a apr down pipe for al lthis money if their is any alternatives? i have found some others but im not sure if they will flex from tq and power im just looking for something not as expensive but not shitty as well thanks mkiv
  18. TT vs Shop piping.

    Alright, I know theres alot of exhaust threads out there, and i was doing alot of searching, but i couldn't come up with the answer i was looking for. By now i know that i'm going with a magnaflow muffler, and now its a debate between the rest of the exhaust. Should i go with the TT exhaust...
  19. Curse the Mil! No Power, bad sound.

    Hi everybody, Just came back from a 3h ride from NY. Got a flashing MIL when I stepped on the pedal of my 2001 Golf 2L. Got worse and worse; each time it went uphill the MIL had its seizure, the force of the engine was reduced and mild vibrations could be felt on the steering wheel. Now I'm...
  20. R32 Exhaust on 2.0 L

    I've looked & searched the exhaust sites & threads, but not seen this discussed. How difficult would it be to use a stock R32 exhaust on a 2.0 L? Connection either after the headers or cat. This assumes modifiying the rear bumper for the dual tips. I have access to a lightly used R32 take off &...