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  1. Electrical (Lights, Wipers, Fan) only work when I turn key, not when engine turns ove

    Hi All, I have a 99 Cabrio Manual Trans (older model from that year) and have recently had a problem with lights, AC Fan and wiper suddenly going out on me. Then I noticed it is also the fan! They do work when the engine is NOT turned over and I just switch the key clockwise and hold it. They...
  2. 1995 VW golf: Radiator Fan wont turn! First time "Das Auto" Owner

    Ok, Just bought a 1995 VW Golf Manual Trans. 2.0L 4cyl. 74K $1400 She was running perfectly (and still is). When i bought it i replaced the oil filter, air filter, distributor, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires, timing belt, and changed all fluids. Is gonna need a new front oil seal in the...
  3. Beetle Cooling Fan

    New Beetle
    My sister-in-law had a problem where her 2002 turbo started making an odd noise. She shut it off and had it towed to the dealer. They said the radiator cooling fan was shot and want $750 to repair it. I offered to do it. She lives a few hundred miles away and has very few tools. Before I drive...
  4. Questions about 2000 VR6 Cooling Fans

    My 2000 Jetta VR6 had a coolant leak which I thought was a hose but turned out to be the radiator. Also my temperature gauge was not working most of the time, and sometimes the needle would be in the middle (normal range) and i would see it drop to 0 then back to the middle (190 degree) or stay...
  5. PBrake Light,No Lights,Interior Fan and A/C

    I have a 98 Wolfburg Ed Jetta. 2.0L Nothing special but still fun. Recently Lights,A/C Fan P Brake Light In Dash started having issues. When p brake is released the brake light near the speedometer stays dimmly lit. When this happens (which is pretty much all the time now) I have no headlights...