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  1. codes 17971- Quantity Adjuster N146 Lower limit Reached, 17571 and 17946?

    Greetings all! This will be my first post here so I suppose i should start off by saying that I have a VW Golf MK4 00-01 1.9 tdi with the engine code AGR. Long story short I chipped my car to stage 2 and things were working fine and the car ran smoothly for about half a year and then I felt...
  2. 01'new beetle won't start

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    It cranks fine but won't start. battery, brake and oil indicator lights all flashing along with an annoying beep very 2 sec. And I'm getting 3 fault codes 01314, 01316, 01321 but no check engine light. 01' new beetle 2.0