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  1. help!!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I bought my first car when I was 16 years old it was a 2000 VW golf 2.0 engine and it had 75 k miles on it. The car ran great and it served me very well over the years, I am 23 now and i still have the same car, it has 130k miles on it now and there are a lot of things that could use fixing...
  2. Sloppy shifter on automatic, please help!

    The shifter on my automatic is very sloppy, it has about half an inch of give up and down. It is so annoying. I have tried searching and all I find is stuff like... How to make your automatic look like a manual, how to take off shifter, I cannot figure out what to do to fix this problem. Do I...
  3. Instrument cluster not working.

    So I changed out my ignition switch because the car wouldn't start but the starter was fine and it didn't fix the problem. So I bypassed it entirely and put in a push button that goes right to the back of the starter. Only problem now is that my entire instrument cluster is dead for no reason...