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floor mats
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  1. For Sale - Parts
    so I got rid of my beloved MKV Jetta last January and have a few parts left over. DSG Transmission Service KIt Volkswagen Jetta V 2.0T Maintenance Drivetrain - 02e398000 - DSG Transmission Service Kit - Without Service Tool - ES#11968 $100 Shipped WeatherTech floormats Used one year $75...
  2. EOS
    Hello VW Enthusiast, David O. Brown Atlanta, Georgia Recently bought 2007 VW Eos 2.0T - Island Grey Metallic - 114K Miles. Acquired at an Auto Auction for a steal. All maintenance records from 67K+ are current. A few questions I'd love some feedback: -I need floor mats, where should I look...
  3. MK6
    I'm a brand new Golf owner. There is no insulation on the hood although the car is quiet. Is this the way they all are? Splash guards - are they worth purchasing? - the Gold is a light color - Shark Blue. Is there an on-line sourch for floor mats that match the pegs on the front floor...
1-3 of 3 Results