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  1. Wtb: Fox

    WTB/WTT Section
    Looking for a running Fox to use as a commuting car. Prefer 91 or 92 but will consider others. Cosmetics/body damage/ body style not important. I am in North Jersey/NYC area. Please send photos/info. Thanks.
  2. vw polo fox 1.043 1994 help!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    hi i have just bought a vw polo fox 1.043 1994 and it has a cracked head gasket, i have a couple of questions, i have been looking at this engine on ebay do you know if it will fit as it is out a facelift mk 3 and mine is an old shape one? the mechanic was saying to get an engine out of the same...
  3. 1990 fox trouble

    i recently purchased a 1990 vw fox and it had a trouble idling, no big deal. just keep your foot on the gas when stopped. so about a week ago i adjusted the idle set screw and it has been working flawlessly until today. i go out and it wont even start. turns and turns and turns. checked a spark...
  4. Where is the Coolant Sensor on a 1993 VW Fox

    Where is the Coolant sensor on a 1993 VW Fox. Please send pictures is available. Thanks.
  5. 1988 VW fox

    I have a 1988 VW fox that I was fixing for my sons first car. I knew a guy that needed the motor for his project and his time frame was sooner than mine. So I have a supper clean 2 door sedan that has a ton of good parts. I am not looking to make millions on this, I just don't want this car...