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  1. Fox
    Hello I recently purchased a 1993 Fox wolfsburg edition non running from a friend He replaced the rotor, cap, spark plugs, and spark plug wires but had broke off the Pcv gromet after replacing that and the hose the engine starts and idles but idles very low and sound like it is misfiring. If you...
  2. WTB/WTT Section
    Looking for a running Fox to use as a commuting car. Prefer 91 or 92 but will consider others. Cosmetics/body damage/ body style not important. I am in North Jersey/NYC area. Please send photos/info. Thanks.
  3. General Volkswagen Discussion
    hi i have just bought a vw polo fox 1.043 1994 and it has a cracked head gasket, i have a couple of questions, i have been looking at this engine on ebay do you know if it will fit as it is out a facelift mk 3 and mine is an old shape one? the mechanic was saying to get an engine out of the same...
  4. Fox
    i recently purchased a 1990 vw fox and it had a trouble idling, no big deal. just keep your foot on the gas when stopped. so about a week ago i adjusted the idle set screw and it has been working flawlessly until today. i go out and it wont even start. turns and turns and turns. checked a spark...
  5. Fox
    Where is the Coolant sensor on a 1993 VW Fox. Please send pictures is available. Thanks.
  6. Fox
    I have a 1988 VW fox that I was fixing for my sons first car. I knew a guy that needed the motor for his project and his time frame was sooner than mine. So I have a supper clean 2 door sedan that has a ton of good parts. I am not looking to make millions on this, I just don't want this car...
1-6 of 6 Results