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  1. Fuel sputtering problem

    Hi i have a 2000 jetta tdi and i got a lot done to it recently to get it up to par but i noticed that after 10 minutes of idling or so it starts sounding like it needs gas and the engines bounce from 4 to 9000 rpm and when im below 2000 rpm the pick up of the engine is shaky i have an inkling...
  2. New to VW's and I have a fuel problem...

    I have a 90 Jetta with a 1.8 that I just got back together and it wont start. It turns over fine, even runs while spraying starting fluid in the intake, but that's it. It has spark, its in time, has compression, just no fuel. I pulled the fuel pressure regulator off with every thing else hooked...
  3. DIY: MK4 Jetta/Golf fuel filter replacement

    YouTube - DIY: MK4 Jetta/Golf fuel filter replacment i thought the black and white effect was cool it was like a sketch haha :D