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  1. which engine to pick??? cant decide

    New Member Introductions
    hi everyone. Im looking at purchasing a MK6 or MK7 Golf. I need help picking a good engine. Which ones are the most reliable one? Is there a massive difference between the gas and diesel version? And lastly what problems should I expect down the line?? Im planning on getting one in the next 2...
  2. Door skin replacement help

    I am replacing all of my door skins...........NEED Help with insight swapping out my lock in lower drivers door that controls switches for fuel door & trunk. Have found several helpful D.I.Y.'s for the skins but none cover this lock cylinder. Would be very appreciative as to help........
  3. Passat timing belt/ poor gas mileage

    I need some help. (03 passat 2.8l 30V) I just did a full timing belt job and replaced everything along with the cam chain tensioner gasket, seals, and even spark plugs. All the timing markes were dead on and now I am getting poor gas mileage. I mean it is alittle over 16mpg now and it was 22...