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  1. MK3 Silver-Face Instrument Cluster Compatibility

    I recently swapped my stock instrument cluster from my 96 Golf GL with a silver-face one from a 98 Jetta K2. The speedo, tach, temp, and fuel needles all work properly and there's even a low fuel light that works on the new one from the 98 - my old cluster didn't even have a bulb in that...
  2. What is wrong with my instrument cluster? '97 Cabrio

    Hi VW experts! I have a '97 VW Cabrio and am currentely trying to keep it alive, while hopefully bringing it back to original(ish) condition. I have a question regarding my instrument cluster. The non-working aspects are the speedometer, tachometer, fuel, odometer and temperature. The clock...
  3. Instrument Cluster Help

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I just purchased a 2000 jetta GLS a couple weeks ago, love the car but one little problem. The speedometer and tach gauge needles don't light up. I removed and disassembled the cluster and found what my guess are LED's. I did not attempt to remove them for fear of damaging anything. Does anyone...
  4. need some help

    ok im new to the this fourm and i need some help already lol well i swap out the gauge cluster and now im getting the old reading from the donor car so if someone could tell me how to get my actual milage that would be great
  5. VDO boost gauge Installed and manual boost controller MBC

    I installed boost gauge and pod on my MK4 this weekend and works great! and manual boost controller! Here are some pics