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  1. Polo
    Got a 2010 Polo and there is a squeak from the gearbox when it's cold (below 7degrees, or when not driven for a day or two). This happens mostly when you come back up off the clutch when moving off, shifting up or down, or when in lower gears and going over speed bumps etc. The noise goes away...
  2. Polo
    Hi, Just bought a mint condition 51 plate polo gti full spec. However i understand they can have crap gearboxes. Is there any preventative measures i can do to stop it wearing out etc?? Thanks Oli
  3. Vans & Transporters
    My 4 year old Transporter became stuck in forth gear 3 days ago. It was towed into a VW commercial dealership. This vehicle has had light use and only has 38,000 on the clock. Now I am facing a very large bill. Sadly VW don't seem to want to take actually resposibility for a fault developing...
  4. MK3
    Is there any way i can adjust the synchro rods in my gear box on my '99 cabrio? When ever I try to reverse it pops out of gear and grinds. If any one knows how can fix this please help me out.
  5. MK3
    Hi i have a problem with my gearbox on my polo 1,6i -97 and a new is expensive 9000:- sek. Motor AEE, Gearbox DKE, i found a motor and gearbox (2000 sek) polo 1,6 -95 but its for a polo 6n -95 does this fits if i change startbox mm. Please if anybody have done this or know if its work tell me...
  6. Polo
    hi again, Iv posted before that i had problems with my gearbox on my polo gti . . . and its happened again only did 700 miles in this recon gearbox and its gone . . . grinding noises in everygear . . lucky for me i had 12 months garentee on the gearbox, but it leaves me wit no car 4 a while ...
  7. Polo
    Hello, my GTI is playin up . . problem is im gettin it was like i missed a gear and had a crunchin noise after that my car started to whistle a bit more well more of a screach but then it started grindin whilst drivin and my gears seem harder to put in and wen its warm the noise is worse . ...
  8. Passat
    Hi! I have a Passat 1,8T combi 2003 with a manual gearbox with the label: EZG that has started to fall apart. I wonder if anybody knows if a gearbox with the label GFY is possible to fit in a car with a EZG-fitted gearbox (all other things the same, year 2003, engine 1,8t)?? Whats the...
1-8 of 8 Results