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  1. 2016 VW Jetta GLI Manufactured in 2018

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello All, I am currently in the market for a VW, either a 2016+ GTI or Jetta GLI, and in my search, I seem to have found a diamond in the rough that also appears to be an anomaly. The car in question is a 2016 Jetta GLI SEL (VIN: 3VW4S7AJ6GM310296) with 18,000 miles on the clock priced for...
  2. Jetta GLI 2017 ¿Leak?

    Hi, So I have a Jetta GLI and the other day I found this on my main seal, so I’m just wondering if it’s something to worry about o it’s normal, it has 27,000 miles.
  3. upgrades i should consider ?

    Im new to the forum i have been searching for a forum for quite some time lol. but i currently own a mk4 1.8t jetta. so far i have added a cai, 3inch straight pipe , a tune (15-17 psi) and a upgraded hybrid bov.most of the work i have done on the car is regular maintenance like brakes and oil...
  4. 2007 Jetta GLI 209,000km $6500

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Hello all! Selling our 2007 Jetta GLI in the Toronto area. Odometer reading is 209,000km, asking for $6500, OBO. Local buyers only. Car is in great condition, and has been certified for emissions in April of 2016. Car was well serviced and maintained, all records of maintenance are...
  5. Transmission Problem?

    Hey guys, So I just bought myself a 2004.5 Jetta GLI and I love the car. I just installed some new halo headlights with HID's and they look great. My only concern with this car is that it's making a noise when in gear and decelerating (Letting go of both the clutch and Gas pedal). It makes the...
  6. Help ESC light on...

    Well it seems like I just keep running in to problems on the 04 gli I just bought. Tonight I was heading to work and when I turned off my street to the main road (left) the ECS light came on and stayed on. Note that I didn't get on the car causing the ecs to engage. Well I tryed pushing the ecs...
  7. New forum member with a 1987 Jetta GLI

    So I am new to this particular forum, but not as much so to volkswagen, If you didn't see my first post in the introduction thread I'm Bryan, I live in Ohio and i'm a recent graduate. I have worked on and owned a Mk1 Mk2 and Mk3 Volkswagen over the past couple years, and absolutely love them...
  8. Hobbs GLI Progress::Build thread

    2005 Jetta GLI. Ellie I'm 19 years old, live in the DFW Area, I bought my GLI three years ago. 2005 Jetta GLI 1.8t AWP Engine with a Tiptronic Transmission Black Magic Pearl ~102,000 miles Modifications: Interior: - New South Boost Gauge in a Newsouth Right Offset ColumnPod -...
  9. Apr s3 ko4

    So I have the K04 sitting in my garage waiting to be installed and I know I have to take it in to get my ECU flashed, but does anyone have any recommendations/ suggestions/ opinions on whether I should pay 1K to have someone intall it? or does someone have a step-by-step list on how to DIY with...
  10. Deal

    hey guys i have a chance to buy a black 2003 2.0L jetta with 150 000km. They are asking 4000 for it. this is the description they gave. 2003 Black VW Jetta, 2.0L Engine, great Fuel Economy, very well maintained, great condition, regular oil changes and checks, 2 sets of tires, only...
  11. Updated pics!

    got the rear gli lip on today :) fit perfectly! :K::K: :D oh and here are some pics of my leg when i got bit by a pit bull on superbowl sunday night haha enjoy... and yes it did hurt very badly couldnt walk/drive for a month and a half
  12. 1981 MK1 Jetta 2-Door

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Rare 2-Door sunroof jetta converted to 16valve long block with 5speed. Straight body, GTI front brakes and wheels. Comes with GTI steering rack(not installed). Unfortunately the engine threw a rod and it needs a new engine. I do not have time/space for this project but i can supply a new long...
  13. 2006 vw gli - $16,000

    For Sale - Vehicles
    2006 vw gli - $14,000 This Jetta is an absolute joy to drive! Package 1 Exterior is Candy Apple Red Interior is Black Leather Mileage is 34,000 Manual, 6-Spd Engine is 4-Cyl, Turbo 2.0 Liter Transmission Premium Sound Radio Controls on Steering Wheel 6 Disk CD Player Excellent fuel economy...
  14. 2003 GLI VR6 6 Speed $6700

    For Sale - Vehicles
    # Air Conditioning # Tilt Wheel # Dual Air Bags # Power Steering # Cruise Control # Side Air Bags # Power Windows # AM/FM Stereo # ABS (4-Wheel) # Power Door Locks # CD (Single Disc) #Sliding Sun Roof #Premium Wheels #6 Speed Manual #Tinted Windows 112K Miles Oil changes done regularly. Car is...
  15. 2006 GLI power steering problem

    I'm having an intermittent failure of the power steering system on my 2006 GLI (58k). Every now and the the little steering light comes on, sometimes in yellow and sometimes in red, and when that is happening I have little or no power steering. I brought it to the dealer and the said there...
  16. My GLI just broke down! Please advise.

    I was accelerating on the highway and all of a sudden there was smoke everywhere. My car completely loss power. I came to a stop. Oil is dripping under the car. There's oil in the back of the engine bay. What happened? How screwed am I?
  17. Need Some GLI Help

    Hey guys, need your help. I just bought a GLI and pretty much things are going well but when I back up, I'm hearing a moan from the rear of the car. I had the brakes looked at and they didn't see anything and the pads still have 8/32nds. It's only when the car goes in reverse. Any ideas? Thanks!
  18. Getting New Tires

    Wheels & Tires
    I'm going to get a new set of tires for my 03 Jetta GLI VR6 and i was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the Hankook V12 evo or the Toyo Proxes 4, as i am probably going to replace the bad...i mean goodyear F1 All Seasons that i have on my car right now...if anyone has an other tire that...
  19. 2000 volkswagen jetta gls $6499 performance parts/new tires low miles

    For Sale - Vehicles
    I really need to sell this car. Everything is in perfect condition I just need money ASAP. If you are interested at please don't hesitate to call me with any offer. I am selling my 2000 VW Jetta GLS 2.0. This car has many performance mods and the car is in absolutely perfect condition. The car...
  20. Jetta GLI Headlights

    Hey everyone!! I have an 07 Jetta GLI with a Kenwood indash, 2400 watt power acoustic amp and 15" Sub, lowered down with eibachs and sittin on TSW 18's. My question is.... My headlights BURNED out... the little red piece behind the light was actually smoking. Im just wondering if anyone else...