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  1. Cluster fail

    Okay, I'm thinking this is a short in wiring because when the cluster freezes and the LCDs go blank the transmission goes into LIMP MODE. I know the cluster is working because when I park it, pull the negative battery cable, wait 30 seconds and reattach it, the cluster will dance like my native...
  2. Swap Noob

    Hey all... Like I said in my intro post, I'm swapping a bad motor this weekend and I'm curious if there are any pitfalls regarding swapping my transmission (auto) from my bad engine to the other. I've got a 96 Jetta GLX VR6 with an automatic transmission, riddled with electronic quirks...
  3. Shaking 2001 VR6 GLX Jetta

    I have had this issue for a little while, the car vibrates on the inside and can be felt from both passenger and driver. Also want to note that the vibration is only felt in lower rpms and idle. Here is what I've fixed so far: - Coil Pack - Cleaned MAF - Replaced plugs AND wires - Cleaned TB -...
  4. Car dies when cold starting

    I have a 1997 Jetta GLX with 220,000 miles, i have a slightly rough idle, to be expected with that many miles. However when i start my car when it is cold i have to rev it (just keep it above normal idle rpm) for awhile or it will stall. Once it is warm it is ok. I replaced spark plugs and...
  5. Feeler - 2001 Jetta GLX VR6

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Dark blue, grey leather, loaded. Manual trans. 135k miles. Dealer serviced every 5k (documented). Excellent condition. Any interest or suggestions on how much I should get for it?
  6. FS: MK3 GLX Smoked Tails

    For Sale - Parts
    Awesome shape! $45 each shipped! A very nice, cheap mod for your mk3 Jetta! Both for $75 Shipped! Located in Wall, NJ Please email [email protected] or call John @ (732) 691-2335 with questions or inquiries.
  7. Parting out red 95 jetta glx vr6

    For Sale - Parts
    OK...I Loved this car, but i APPARENTLY spun a bearing...i was going to buy a used motor ($1200) but Herr Schmidts VW wanted $2000 to swap out. Well i paid less than $3200 for the car so no go. THE INTERIOR IS NEARLY FLAWLESS. Black leather has been WELL maintained and all components work...even...
  8. Clutch Friction Point Issue

    Ok, so since I got my 1996 Jetta GLX VR6 about 2 years ago, the friction point has changed slightly, seemingly based on temperature. I thought nothing of it. Then about a month ago I noticed it was really difficult to shift into any gear. I usually have to shove it into gear, making the car...
  9. 03 Passat mirror problem

    my folding mirrors stopped working. the best way i can put it is that just after i folded them (which worked fine) i started the car later then they wouldnt open back so i manually popped it out to adjust them. i doubt the motor would be dead cuz both stopped working at the same time, what are...
  10. 97 jetta glx,vr6 ( misc.elec. bugs)

    1997 jetta glx,vr6. on the test drive the PW worked. on the drive home the cruise worked. never had the heated seats working. issue 1. the power windows stopped working. the key in the door will still roll them down from outside.inside switches seem dead.front and rear. issue 2 cruise...
  11. 'Airbag fault' but airbags did not explode

    Just got a 2003 Passat GLX with an airbag fault. So since its a GLX, most things are electrical (ex: power seats). This car was hit just on the left side, the drivers side. Basically the damage is driver front door, passenger door, and a little bit of a frame work in the middle. But it's just...
  12. Passat Wagons V6 vs. V6 4Motion

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    New to the forum and VW. In the market for a used Passat wagon, 03 or 04. Researching the differences between the GLX V6 and the GLX 4Motion. The curb weight for the AWD is about 230 lbs heavier. Is the suspension or ride height beefed on the AWD? What are the three most important things to look...