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  1. Top Three VW hatches you can't get here

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    By Nick Dasko I love my MKV GTI and I bet you all love your rides as well but do you ever find yourself looking at Euro-market models and fantasize about what might have been if you lived over there, or maybe VW brought over more models? For the sake of simplicity and to avoid backlash this...
  2. MK5 GT TDI Problems

    Hi Everyone, First off I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their assistance on this issue. Basically I have had my golf for about 3 months and apart from brakes and tyre's everything has been great and I love the car, But..... I was driving to a supermarket the other day...
  3. 1988 Golf GT engine question

    Hello this is my first post here, I have an '88 Golf GT that has 236,756 miles on it, it has been rebuilt once at about 180,000 miles. Its running pretty well but has had some troubles; the car shutters every once in a while like in 2nd and 3rd it will start to shutter at around 2,500-3,000 RPM...