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  1. Golf 8 dashboard is a terrible mistake

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  2. Suspension issues: "Bottoming Out, Body Roll" - 2003 GTI 1.8T

    My car is about to hit 70k on the engine and I'm noticing a bit more "Body Roll" than usual. Also the front right of the car seems to be bottoming out... especially over speed bumps. Even when I back out of my garage (concrete drop-off of about 2in. to driveway) I can feel/hear the...
  3. Everyone will LOVE this video!!! Please watch it!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Ok so Im not sure if it goes here, so if it belongs somewhere else let me know and I will move it or a mod can, anyways, watch it, comment on it, love it and have a great day!
  4. New and need help

    Ok, obviously I'm new, so I have a few questions and am looking for recomendations. I have a 1995 Golf GTI VR6 that is bone stock and have a budget of basiclly nothing. I know to chip, intake, exhaust, lower... soooo.. Chip- Where do I look for one? I goolged and became confused. Also how does...