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  2. MK4
    My car is about to hit 70k on the engine and I'm noticing a bit more "Body Roll" than usual. Also the front right of the car seems to be bottoming out... especially over speed bumps. Even when I back out of my garage (concrete drop-off of about 2in. to driveway) I can feel/hear the...
  3. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Ok so Im not sure if it goes here, so if it belongs somewhere else let me know and I will move it or a mod can, anyways, watch it, comment on it, love it and have a great day!
  4. MK3
    Ok, obviously I'm new, so I have a few questions and am looking for recomendations. I have a 1995 Golf GTI VR6 that is bone stock and have a budget of basiclly nothing. I know to chip, intake, exhaust, lower... soooo.. Chip- Where do I look for one? I goolged and became confused. Also how does...
1-4 of 4 Results