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golf mk2
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  1. MK2
    hi guys i was hoping you could help me. I'm studying mechanics at college and i am in the process of buying two mk2 golfs one is standard 1.3 i think and the other is a 1.6 driver model. i am looking at building the driver up to a road rally spec, but i want to use the original engine, so as to...
  2. MK2
    I just purchased a 1985 golf as my first car and im wanting to make it faster of course and was wondering what engines i could put in it or what mods i can do to make it better and if you can give a website also its a 1.8l fuel injected. Thanks for any help <3
  3. MK2
    So my 92 golf is having problems again. The problems started when i tried to bypass the fuel pump relay cuz it wasn't coming on but i bypassed the wrong relay, now my blower fan my wipers and my headlights dont work, unless i turn on the light switch and hold back the dimmer switch, if i do this...
1-3 of 3 Results