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  1. Cold start problem, please help.

    Here is a problem i've had for about 3-4 weeks now. This is how my morning routine goes; 1. Start the car, sparks up fine and engine runs, for about 1 second, then cuts out 2. Repeat about 3 times with about a 1 second idle, then cuts out. 3. On the 4th attempt it will idle for about 3/4...
  2. MAP hose on ADZ

    Does anyone know where the MAP hose is on an ADZ engined Golf? I'm getting the spluttering, and problems starting specified in the following thread: GolfGTIforum.co.uk - An independent forum for Volkswagen Golf GTI enthusiasts. Could anyone point me in the direction of the MAP hose? I can...
  3. How does the Mono-Motronic injection unit join?

    Hi I have a problem with my 1.8 petrol Golf. It's an ADB engine. The injection unit is no longer joined! In the following page it's number 8 on the first image. Volkswagen Workshop Manuals - Golf Mk3 - Servicing injection unit The image doesn't make it immediately obvious how this part on...
  4. '96 golf vr6 Clutch Replacement

    I've recently purchased a 96 golf v6 gti with a burned out clutch. I was wondering what would be the best type and brand to purchase. I'm new to the VW scene so any help would be awesome! thanks
  5. '96 golf vr6 problem!

    Hi! So I purchased my first vw three days ago. It's a '96 Golf gti vr6 2.8 L 5 speed with about 150k miles on it. When I went to check it out i test drove it for about 15 mins and knew immediately that I wanted to buy. This car is completely stock except for the sway bars. Ok so here's my...
  6. Electrical problems Golf mk3 CL, panel, sunroof etc

    Can someone help me? my mk 3 golf 1.9 TDI, there is no aftermarket additions, and the radio is missing. It has an unusual set of equipment which has all lost power. The Central Locking, the trip computer pane, sunroof, interior lights & cigaratte lighter have all simultaneously failed. Have...
  7. 94-99 4 door Golf mk3 black side trim

    For Sale - Parts
    I pulled this 4 door Golf trim off a VW in the junkyard because it was in good shape and figured somebody would want it. I couple of the plastic mounting tabs are damaged but you can get them new for cheap, fix these ones, or spread the good ones out in the right places. this is the universal...
  8. 98 VW Golf 2.0L-No Spark

    I have a no start, with a no spark condition verified by a spark tester on this car. I'm unfamiliar with the ignition system on this car but by the looks of it, the ICM is part of the ignition coil, and is switched by the hall effect sensor in the distributor. I verified 12v on the 3 wire...
  9. N/A 2.0L race car build

    Hey i was wondering how well a golf with the 2.0l 8V motor would be for a naturally aspirated short track race car many people run dodge neons and civics but i would like to bring in a 1994 golf to see if it would work but i would like to know more about the car anyone have any info ???? I would...
  10. mk3's life & interchangable parts

    Hey whoever reads this I have a couple questions so bear with me. Firstly, I was just wondering if aftermarket parts put on a mk3, such as a sway bar, coilovers, bumpers, etc. are interchangable on the mk4 model or is it just with the mk3? Secondly, about after how many kms does a golf gti start...