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golf mk4 iv 2.0l manual

  1. baja

    I was riding around the other day in my gls and was wondering what i could do to make this car my own. My friend turns to me and says you should make it baja. I thought about this and it makes perfect sense for who i am. I only have one issue. I have no idea where i should get started. Im...
  2. Need Help w/Factory Keyless Entry

    2002 Golf My factory keyless entry just kind went out of whack all of a sudden. One day when i pressed lock it just wouldn't lock, the markers flash but it doesn't lock. after playing around with the key in the door lock i am now able to either lock or unlock by the remote but not both. I know...
  3. 2001 Golf Mk4, 2.0L, Indigo, 72K, MANUAL

    For Sale - Vehicles
    hiya, I'm putting my 2001 golf Mk4 up for sale for anyone and everyone that I can meet in person. NEW PRICE!! LOWERED PRICE!!! $5200 OBO NEED THIS THING GONE!! PLZ SHOOT ME a price any DESCENT price. 5 Speed Manual Transmission I have a B&M STYLE short shifter Blue HID lights Personally...