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  1. My murano red MK4 '03

    Hi everyone. This is my Golf 4 TDI 130hp + remap (and some small things). Now is about 170hp. VW GOLF 4 TDI, PACIFIC -tinted glass 50% -Bi-xenon headlights with daylight -RH prestige 17" 8j -lowering -rear light with white blinker -black front grille -led light on rear license plate -antenna...
  2. value of a 200hk+ Golf MKIV

    Hello, after my current Golf MKIV had a serious leak in the transmission and the trans broke, I'm in the lookout for a new "cheap" car. So today i randomly walked into one of my friends, who was accompanied with a friend of him. Now, this friend of my friend owns a green Golf MKIV 1.8l turbo...
  3. Help with mystery coolant leak in Golf!

    I'm kind of a newb with fixing my own car problems, but I'm always willing to try. This is what happened to me so far: About a month after my most recent drive from Calgary to Vancouver and back (about 2,000km), I noticed that my coolant level began to fall. I thought it was just because of the...
  4. Jetta/Golf Electrical Problems

    HI: I'm new around here, I have two a golf MK4 2000 and a Jetta 2005 both with the same problem, "THE MAIN FUSE BOX MELTS OUT SOME FUSES". Here is the explanation: For the Golf: always melt the the first green fuse (cooling fans fuse) from left to right, I already take it to the pros and they...
  5. mk3's life & interchangable parts

    Hey whoever reads this I have a couple questions so bear with me. Firstly, I was just wondering if aftermarket parts put on a mk3, such as a sway bar, coilovers, bumpers, etc. are interchangable on the mk4 model or is it just with the mk3? Secondly, about after how many kms does a golf gti start...