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  1. Canadian 2007 city gulf black heater

    Hi guys, I've read all Canadian vehicles come with a block heater. Sadly my golf is frozen with the Ontario deep freeze and wondering where I can find the plug. Any suggestions? :nerd: Made my introduction, read rules but still can't post in MK5 forum.:crying:
  2. New VW owner with a problem… Help!

    Hi! I'm a recent convert to Volkswagen and I really don't know much about them. I have researched this issue a couple times on the internet and haven't been able to narrow it down to anything at all… I should probably mention that I live in Canada as well so this model of Golf has "City" tagged...
  3. RCN210 lights problem

    Hello I bought rcn210 for my mk5. I can't find any official documentation but this is picture 2013 rcn210 strengthen edition 6 car cd free machine sd bluetooth usb-inCar CD Player from Automobiles & Motorcycles on Aliexpress.com Everything is working fine expect one thing. There are no lights...
  4. help me with setting up my AUX-IN

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    hello guys. i have a golf 5. i just bought a armrest from a golf 6, with a AUX-IN input. what do i need to do, before i can use it? i want to listen to music from my iphone to my car. i am thinking of buying the RCD310, from the newer VW's and then switching the gateway to a newer gateway...
  5. Mk5 Golf First mods..??

    Right recently got myself a mk5 golf its totally stock and standard and obviously spent most of my money buying it and insuring it, dont have too many plans for it but want to lower it anyway, i know coilovers are expensive so thinkin on springs but wondering wat is a safe amount to go down...
  6. VW Friends- I need your brain to tell me what my car is worth-album- HOT! 86 Scirocco

    I just posted the photo album called HOT! 86 Scirocco. Unfortunatly, I have to sell my baby for college tuition and I have no Idea what she is worth. People on craigs list are saying I am crazy for selling her so cheap. PLEASE, LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND INFO AND LET ME KNOW.....PLEASE! ...
  7. Mk5 2004 golf fsi vibration and rough idle

    Hi Guys, I have a mk 5 2004 1.6 Golf FSI that has done 65000. Recently there has been an exhaust like vibrating noise which sounds like its coming from the gearbox when driven from cold. This almost goes when it reaches operating temperature. The idle is extremeley rough at all...