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  1. Golf/GTI Rear Seat Delete diy

    Currently I have taken out the rear seat, put sound deadener in, and now about to start the rear seat delete. EuroKreations just went out of business so I really don’t know how a nice delete is done. Any advice or pics to help me out? Especially with the dip where the rear bottoms sat into, so...
  2. Fuse box on a golf city 2010????

    Hi! I just bought a golf city 2010 and my car overheated on trafic. Then, my hazard lights button caught in fire (not actual fire tho, but some smoke started coming out of it even if my car was off) soooooo i’m trying to check the fuse and it’s NOWHERE Normally is on the side of the battery but...
  3. Engine problems 2004 1.4L BCU- please help

    Hi all, I've got a 2004 1.4L 16v BCU engine and it starts fine when its cold but then after even a short drive when I turn it off and on again it starts to do serious hunting. It sometimes idles as low as 400RPM and stalls. There are no problems when starting to drive and has no issue with...
  4. 2018 VW Golf 1.8 TSI - Night blue - Lease Takeover

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Looking for someone to take over my lease. It has been collecting dust for the past 6 months. Current 35872km with a total of 80,000 allowable. 21 payments remaining $327.06 after tax Original Residual $11,144.40 Comes with winters on steel wheels. I am in Markham Ontario. Let me know if...
  5. 2010 2.5L Golf Timing Belt

    I bought a used 2010 Golf 2.5L recently and it's at 165K KM/102K miles. I keep finding conflicting info online, so can anyone clarify whether it has a timing belt or chain? If it does have a belt, what is it's interval and how easy of a job is it to fix myself since I hear it is pretty pricy to...
  6. 1.8t engine light on

    2004 1.8t golf codes came up P0420 bank 1 came up first -replaced 02 sensors still nothing could be bad cat or what else can I do ? Smells sorta strong in cabin fumes of gas sorta oil maybe? P2181 Cooling system performance checked if fans come on when AC on they do no over heating from the...
  7. Golf 4 1.6 sr turning off itself while driving

    Hello guys ! I have a serious problem with my mk4... When the fuel needle is on this lvl and below ( almost 3 lines above minimum ) as Iam driving doesn`t matter the speed, the car just losses itself like iam hiting the gas pedal nothing happens, trying to force it without success This problem...
  8. Help 1998 VW Golf GL front engine mount

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi I recently had to change over my starter on my vw golf. After removing the bolts and old starter (plus some other bits and pieces) I found that the bracket for front engine mount had either shifted up due to lack of weight maybe) Or engine has dropped. I tried running a jack under to see if...
  9. Golf 8 dashboard is a terrible mistake

    General Volkswagen Discussion
  10. Infotainment Symbol

    Hi, just wondering if anybody can tell me what this symbol means? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything about it
  11. Help: Used TDI Wagon vs. 2019 Wagon

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello All! I am currently a 2016 Golf TSI driver. I got into a lease (shouldn’t have) and am currently 20k miles over. The car has had some issues the moment it went over 50k. This has caused me to change my thought of buying it out. I put about 2k miles/month on it for work and live in the...
  12. 94 Golf Linkage issues in transmission arm

    Attached is an image of the same manual transmission I have. I have replaced the entire linkage assembly with the it from GermanAutoParts.com I have a few pins left over but unsure where they go but at any rate what I have found both before and after replacing the linkage is on the...
  13. 2000 VW Golf for Sale ($5500)

    Southwestern US
    2000 VW Golf 2.0 Manual Transmission for Sale, Clean Nevada Title, Runs Great, Brand New Clutch, Excellent Condition, A/C Works, Heater Works, CD and Radio Works, Engine has been refurbished for future turbo purposes, New Transmission that was Installed 4 Months Ago, and This is The List of...
  14. MK4 R-line bodykit back plate thingy

    Hello, i have the R-line bodykit for Golf MK4, but i lost the back plate thingy on the rear bumper: It looks likt this: I am wondering where i can buy a new back plante thing or what it is called.
  15. Would these tires and rims fit my golf gti 2003?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi!:) I planing on buying new tires and rims for my daily driven Golf mk4 gti. Its a 2003 2dr model and the engine is a 1.8T. And i wonder if these would fit?: 2 pair is 205/45-17 and the other pair is 235/40-17. Both tires is 8" wide and ET35. But what i am most concerned about is that it...
  16. VW Golf MK4 - Plasti Dip

    Has anyone done full plasti dip on their car? I am thinking about black, but afraid that it might be gray-ish color(?)
  17. Angel Eyes/Devil Eyes on Golf MK4?

    Angel Eyes, where to buy? Hello. Where can i buy these headlights:
  18. I need audio help

    I've been looking around trying to find the answer but with no luck. I have a 2000 Golf with the stock monsoon amp. I want to install a new amp but don't know what I need to do with the wire harness in the monsoon amp. Running a power wire and control wire is no problem.
  19. Help, I need wheel studs

    I've got a MK4 golf and I have a set of 25mm adapters I want to run. I just can't find studs that sit below the adapters. Any suggestions?
  20. mk2 1.6dNA engine temp gauge/sensor problem

    Hi, Recently my 1989 1.6d NA golfs engine temperature gauge has been acting weird - sometimes working but sometimes dropping dead. I think it started after washing the engine, but I'm not 100% sure cuz I didn't spot the exact moment. I guess there are two possibilities, either the temp sensor...