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  1. MK6
    I own a 2012 GTI w/sunroof and navi package. When I fired up the GPS navigation for the first time, the GPS had me positioned in Virginia. The only problem with that, is I LIVE IN NEW MEXICO! So, my GPS is a couple thousand miles off. I took it to the dealership to have them take a look at...
  2. Passat
    i noticed some GPS systems with the measurments needed to fit, but some were labeled for b5 models and my passat is b5.5. i owned both they seem similar as far as measurments, but im guessing its wiring? ex: would my stiring wheel controls work with a GPS system? if u know where i could find GPS...
  3. MK5
    So if you guys are like me, you love your VW, but the base package sound system is sorta lacking, and everyone I spoke to (including the dealership salesman!) advised against buying the VW GPS. I hate making my cars look like they have a bunch of crappy aftermarket "add ons," and like to keep...
1-3 of 3 Results