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  1. Alarm Troubles... I'm sick of it

    So my alarm system on my 2001 Golf GTI, 4-door, is going haywire. I lock the car and the horn beeps acknowledging that is it secure. Then, it will randomly start going off because the sensor thinks someone opened the door. It's really annoying. Now I have been doing my research. I noticed that...
  2. value of a 200hk+ Golf MKIV

    Hello, after my current Golf MKIV had a serious leak in the transmission and the trans broke, I'm in the lookout for a new "cheap" car. So today i randomly walked into one of my friends, who was accompanied with a friend of him. Now, this friend of my friend owns a green Golf MKIV 1.8l turbo...
  3. 2001 GTI 1.8t....0-60...in just under 20 seconds??

    Hey guys, I just got a 2001 GTI 1.8T. from a guy on craigslist, I knew nothing about these cars, I was just looking for a 4 cylinder to get me back and forth to work...but I figured something was wrong when I got passed by a Smartcar in reverse...then a kid on a 10 speed beat me from 0-60...so...
  4. Manual to electric seat conversion

    I have a 2002 gti 337 with heated leather seats (manual controls). The previous owner smoked a lot, and I'd like to swap them out. A friend of mine is offloading a set of 2002 Jetta electric/heated leather seats. 1) Will they fit in a 2 door gti? 2) If the heating harness is there, is the...
  5. need help figuring this out please.

    ok... so ive installed a gt35r turbo, 630cc injectors, c2 motorsports ecu tune, tial wastegate and bov, front mount intercooler with all custom piping, 3inch down pipe,95mm maf housing, 4bar fuel pressure regulator etc.... put new plugs in and brand new maf sensor. car fired right up after put...
  6. 2000 GTI GLX - Looking for the right coils

    Hello VW Forum: I've been searching around for some coil overs for my ride. I'm pretty new to the VW community, I've been driving my 2000 GTI (VR6) for about 3 months now and its time to lower it. I've seen the brands Raceland, JOM, Eibach and a few others and just cant make sense between what...
  7. 2003 GTI Anniversary Yellow

    For Sale - Vehicles
    2003 Volkswagen GTI Anniversary Great Condition/Yellow 83,300 miles 1.8 Turbo After-market Front inter-cooler Chipped Cold Air Intake Tinted Windows, these pictures were taken before the windows were tinted. Price: $7,500 cash (sorry, no trades) This has been my wife's fun little car, but its...
  8. 03 gti vr6 turbo and chip questions??

    Im a new member and new to vw cars... I have a 03 gti vr6 and i was wanting to put a turbo and a chip into it but idk what kind i need or what size i could put into it
  9. 2002 337 GTI for sale

    For Sale - Vehicles
    This vehicle looks and drives like new. With 93,000 miles, 180hp 1.8L 4 cylinder Turbocharged engine, 6 speed manual transmission, nice silver exterior color and black cloth sporty interior this car has a package that combines comfort, safety and speed. This car is special because it is the real...