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  1. 2004 GTI VR6 MK4 P2177 System too lean off idle bank 1

    Hi, I have a 2004 GTI VR6 and I haven't driven the car for about a year now. I recently have been trying to diagnose the car and the last time I drove it before it broke down there was a severe coolant leak; however, I couldn't see it because my hood latch was broken. The cause of the leak ended...
  2. Mk4 1.8t building no boost at all

    Hey everyone I’ve got a 2002 gti 1.8t That has a unitronic stage 2 tune. Not sure on the engine miles but compression is a little low at 140-150 on all cylinders . The car runs fine once it’s started once I start accelerating I have very little power and it seems as if I’m building no boost at...
  3. Fuel filter move to engine bay

    Hey everyone, I recently saw an old mk.1 and noticed the fuel filter actively pulsing the fuel in the engine bay! I know it is somewhere under the control arm in our mk.4. im creating this thread to see if anyone has experience in bringing that fuel filter up to the top of the bay maybe around...
  4. 2016 VW Jetta GLI Manufactured in 2018

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello All, I am currently in the market for a VW, either a 2016+ GTI or Jetta GLI, and in my search, I seem to have found a diamond in the rough that also appears to be an anomaly. The car in question is a 2016 Jetta GLI SEL (VIN: 3VW4S7AJ6GM310296) with 18,000 miles on the clock priced for...
  5. Car not starting..

    Hello, So I’ve been recently having an issue with my GTi (185kM) not starting.. it cranks, but doesn’t kick over. I’ve replaced the battery, Fuel pump (which does prime), the spark plugs, the air filter, to now changing the alternator. After changing everything I’ve now got a stored P1289...
  6. PLEASE HELP!! No power to car at all and clicking under dash!

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an 04 GTI VR6 and i just put in a brand new battery. Car was perfect for 2 weeks, drove 300 miles yesterday! This morning i get in the car, turn the key, everything works as usual. Go to start the car, and everything goes black. I now have no...
  7. 03 Gti vr6

    Picture of the month
    Hey guys I’m new to this forum stuff but really need some help ... got my 03 gti vr6 a few months ago and holy crap what a car i love it it’s perfect for me. I have had one problem that for some reason has not been solvable... so sometimes when i go to start the car it’ll turn over but not start...
  8. Golf 8 dashboard is a terrible mistake

    General Volkswagen Discussion
  9. GTI main thermostat issues

    I have just changed my main thermostat (old one was stuck in the open positions) has fixed that issues, but now i have white smoke is coming out the the left side of my hood, pulled over could not find no smoke coming from anywhere and the car isn't overheating. any ideas ?
  10. Cold air intake

    Just bought a new mk4 gti vr6 and the check engine light is on the person i bought it off said it was because of the cold air intake so i am going to buy a new one but i was wondering what would be a good one to buy to add a little bit more power to the car
  11. 98 golf vr6

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Is a 2001 Jetta vr6 fuel pump compatible with a 98 golf vr6? If not, what fuel pump is compatible? TIA
  12. 2002 GTI 337 Edition, 86k Miles, 100% Stock, Clean Title - Rare find!

    For Sale - Vehicles
    2002 GTI 337 Edition for sale - 86k miles. 100% stock. Located in Spokane, Washington. The 337 is a 1.8L Turbo with a 6 speed manual. (yes, SIX speed) Starting asking price at $8500, open to offers. I can provide a link to a large image gallery on request. I love this car and have treated it...
  13. Clunking sound while shifting

    Hey all! Yesterday I bought a MK4 GTI as my first car, and its the first car I've ever driven a manual transmission in. However, it has a clunking noise as I shift into 3rd gear sometimes, but the slower I shift the less it is (although I don't shift fast anyway as I'm still learning). After...
  14. FS: MK4 GTI Rear Euro Bumper w/Molded Rieger Apron

    For Sale - Parts
    As titled. I did the molding work myself and it took me many hours. Some small scratches, especially on the bottom. This is the exhaust-through version of the apron. The apron was glued and screwed on before bondo so it's very sturdy. Local pickup only in San Leandro. Asking $400 obo
  15. Cheap Alarm Fix Golf GTI Mk4

    So I joined this forumn because I found a way to save some people cash and frustration regarding the Alarm problems. If You have a MK4 Golf or GTI I can solve your Door lock module problems and show you how to set up a new keyless entry system and it will cost about $50 for you to complete it...
  16. My murano red MK4 '03

    Hi everyone. This is my Golf 4 TDI 130hp + remap (and some small things). Now is about 170hp. VW GOLF 4 TDI, PACIFIC -tinted glass 50% -Bi-xenon headlights with daylight -RH prestige 17" 8j -lowering -rear light with white blinker -black front grille -led light on rear license plate -antenna...
  17. ideas on gti 1.8t?

    hey guys I recently bought a 2004 mk4 gti 1.8t which im madly in love with, I want to add parts to it but I don't know where to start, looking forward to add new headlights, bumper, intercooler, intake, audio, rims, tires..etc anything that I could add to it to make it look nice and run great...
  18. 2008 VW GTI (41k miles)

    For Sale - Vehicles
    2008 VW GTI (41k miles) - $12700 (Tallahassee) Selling my 2008 VW GTI. . . No accident. The only reason I am selling the car is because I have a new motorcycle and another car. First owner. Keeping in garage and not driving. Maintenance only at the VW dealer. Between very good and excellent...
  19. Red MFD?!

    my multifunction display henceforth known as MFD is on the fritz. The gauge under all of my warnings will sometimes go red. The MFD is still kinda legible but not always. I know the electronics are crazy on these MK4's but come on.... Anyone got a fix or am I the only one
  20. Help with MK4 GTI Issues!

    Hi, first post here, and I've gotta say I've found a lot of help in this forum, so I dare ask a maybe simple question. I recently bought a 2000 GTI VR6, and it has what I believe is the MFA screen faulty. I'm not sure if it's damaged or does it need to be reset? I've attached a picture so you...