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head gasket

  1. Blown Head Gasket Cleanup Questions

    Abridged version: Blown head gasket caused coolant in oil. Oil looks like chocolate milkshake. I know there is a high probability that the engine is toast. However, I am going to try to save it and hoping to get some productive suggestions from experienced members. Here are my questions: 1...
  2. Oil in/on plugs/wires??HELP!

    I've never used a forum before, so please bear with me! Also, please save your hateraide for other forums...I already know my mistake (read the following) So I bought an 03 Passat GLX V6 Auto, 91k bone stock, visual and driving inspection: No issues! Runs GREAT (no tranny issues, either)...
  3. 01 Golf 2.0, possible cracked head?

    I have a 2001 golf 2.0 engine, auto trans, has roughly 180,000 miles. I bought it in the spring and it was my daily driver until a month ago. I filled it up with gas, drove about 50 miles, and after I pulled off the exit ramp from the interstate and stopped at a light, the car sputtered and died...
  4. Overheating, Low Oil Pressure, Anger

    First off I want to thank you for reading this, and any and all suggestions are appreciated. I will try to keep it short, but I need to explain my problems and what I've tried thus far. 2001 VW Beetle AWV, 175k, K04, Exhaust, APR Div, ARP Headstuds, APR Tuning, Samco? silcone piping. Had FMIC...
  5. White Blueish Smoke coming out of Exhaust

    As it says in the title, it just recently started smoking recently. When it starts it sometimes just smokes out the neighborhood, or just starts normally with no smoke at all. But when i drive feels like im driving the Batmobile with smoke screen on when im on the accelerator. I thought it was...
  6. Where is my coolant going?

    Hi all, I have a 2000 model. 1.4 TDI polo with aprox 120 000 miles on the clock and I have been loosing coolant for almost 6 months. Have checked all the hoses, hose connectors, changed the expansion tank and cap, checked the rad, changed the water pump about 20 000 miles ago, no milky oil, no...